Ellen Bowness

Ellen Bowness, the brilliant mind behind Long Valley Books, hails from the picturesque Lake District, where the UK’s mesmerizing landscapes played muse to her photographic passions. While Ellen’s heart is anchored in the UK’s vast landscapes, her insatiable love for travel photography has taken her to some of the globe’s most visually arresting corners.

It was during these travels that Ellen felt the absence of a comprehensive guidebook, one that could lead photographers right to the heart of the world’s most photogenic spots. Thus, “The Photographer’s Guides” series came to life. Designed with the discerning photographer in mind, these guides aim to save time and introduce readers to both iconic and concealed gems in each locale.

Ellen’s dual role as a fervent photographer and a meticulous editor shines through in her work. Although not always eager for a sunrise shoot, her dedication to the craft is evident in every page she authors. She personally researches and pens each guide, ensuring they’re both insightful and practical. And staying true to her commitment to sustainability, all her books are printed locally in the UK, using FSC-certified, environmentally-friendly paper.

Explore the world through Ellen’s guides and let her treasured photographs from across the continents inspire your next journey.

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