John Patience

John Patience hails from Lancashire, England, where his passion for art began. From his earliest memories, he was fascinated with drawing and painting. He honed his skills in typography and book design at Harris College in Preston, Lancashire. Post-graduation, he briefly worked as a designer for various publishers in London. However, his true aspiration was to create his own line of children’s books. To support himself, John took on diverse jobs while simultaneously writing and refining his illustration abilities.

In 1980, John debuted as an author and illustrator with his first book, “The Seasons in Fern Hollow.” This initial success led to the creation of four additional series under the “Tales from Fern Hollow” banner, eventually encompassing a total of 17 titles. Beyond this, John expanded his repertoire by reimagining classic fairy tales and stories for children, along with crafting numerous original tales. His work has been prolific, with over 100 titles published worldwide and translated into multiple languages. His portfolio includes both traditional and pop-up books, showcasing his versatility in both writing and design.

In 2019, John once again joined the jury panel for the prestigious Russian publisher Rosman’s “New Children’s Book” competition, a significant event in the realm of children’s and youth literature in Russia.

As of May 2019, Talewater Press has begun republishing many of John’s beloved books, making them newly available in English.

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