Neal Asher

Neal Asher divides his time between Essex and Crete, mostly at a keyboard and mentally light years away. His full-length novels are as follows. First is the Agent Cormac series: GridlinkedThe Line of PolityBrass ManPolity Agent and Line War. Next comes the Spatterjay series: The SkinnerThe Voyage of the Sable Keech and Orbus. Also set in the same world of the Polity are these standalone novels: HilldiggersPrador MoonShadow of the ScorpionThe TechnicianJack Four and Weaponized. The Transformation trilogy is also based in the Polity: Dark IntelligenceWar Factory and Infinity Engine. Set in a dystopian future are The DepartureZero Point and Jupiter War, while Cowl takes us across time. The Rise of the Jain trilogy is comprised of The SoldierThe Warship and The Human, and is also set in the Polity universe.

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