Keely Winstone, Philip Augar

Agent Twister

John Stonehouse and the Scandal that Gripped the Nation



“Agent Twister” dives deep into John Stonehouse’s shocking scandal. Augar and Winstone masterfully unravel the political intrigue, betrayal, and media frenzy surrounding Britain’s infamous faux death. A captivating exploration of deception, trust, and the nation’s quest for truth. Essential reading for history and mystery aficionados.

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In this gripping and meticulously researched tome, Philip Augar and Keely Winstone delve into the enigmatic and tumultuous life of John Stonehouse, the man who, for a moment in time, became Britain’s most notorious figure.

“Agent Twister” isn’t merely a biography. It’s a portal that transports readers back to a politically charged era, unravelling the intricate web of secrets, deceptions, and intelligence operations that defined a scandal which shook the British establishment to its core.

John Stonehouse, once a rising star in the political sphere, found himself at the heart of a story stranger than fiction. Accused of financial impropriety, he staged his own death, setting forth a chain of events that led to manhunts, media frenzies, and diplomatic tensions on an international scale.

But who was the real John Stonehouse? Was he a villain of his own making or a pawn in a larger game? Augar and Winstone take readers on a journey that navigates the corridors of power in Westminster, the shadowy operations of intelligence agencies, and the heart-wrenching personal battles that Stonehouse faced.

Key Features:

  • In-depth Analysis: Through interviews, archival research, and previously undisclosed documents, gain a nuanced understanding of the scandal.
  • Cinematic Narrative: The authors craft a story that is both historically accurate and immensely engaging, reminiscent of the best political thrillers.
  • Stunning Visuals: A section of carefully curated photographs provides a visual timeline of the events and personalities involved.

In “Agent Twister,” Augar and Winstone masterfully weave a tale of intrigue, betrayal, and redemption. This is not just the story of John Stonehouse. It’s the story of a nation grappling with the realities of political corruption, media power, and the fragile nature of trust.

Dive into one of the 20th century’s most captivating tales, and discover why John Stonehouse remains a name that resonates with mystery, intrigue, and the complexities of human nature.

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