American Born Chinese

The Groundbreaking YA Graphic Novel, Now on Disney+



“American Born Chinese” by Gene Yang is a groundbreaking graphic novel now a Disney+ series starring Michelle Yeoh. It intertwines race, friendship, and mythology in an action-packed narrative, exploring identity through Jin Wang’s story, the Monkey King’s legend, and Chin-Kee’s stereotype. A poignant, humorous, and thrilling read.

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Number of pages: 240

Published: 11 January 2024

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“American Born Chinese” is a captivating graphic novel by the acclaimed New York Times bestselling author Gene Yang. This groundbreaking work has now been transformed into a highly acclaimed TV series on Disney+, featuring the talented Michelle Yeoh. The story weaves a tapestry of themes encompassing race, friendship, and the pursuit of the American Dream, presented in vibrant full-color artwork.

The narrative unfolds through the experiences of Jin Wang, who grapples with the challenges of being the only Chinese-American student in a new school. His journey of self-discovery and acceptance is intertwined with two other fascinating stories. The legendary fable of the Monkey King, a revered figure destined to reign over all monkeys, provides a rich backdrop of ancient Chinese mythology. In contrast, the character Chin-Kee represents the epitome of negative Chinese stereotypes, significantly impacting his cousin Danny’s life in contemporary America.

These three seemingly disparate stories converge in a surprising and innovative manner, offering a unique blend of humor, poignancy, and dynamic action. “American Born Chinese” takes readers on an extraordinary journey, culminating in a thrilling and unexpected climax.

For fans of Gene Yang’s work, this book is a must-read. Additionally, readers won’t want to miss “Lunar New Year Love Story,” another heartwarming young adult graphic novel by Gene, created alongside LeUyen Pham. This story delves into themes of fate, family, and the blossoming of love, making it another compelling addition to Yang’s impressive repertoire.

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