Banzeiro Òkòtó

The Amazon as the Centre of the World

Eliane Brum (author)



“BANZEIRO ÒKÒTÓ” is Eliane Brum’s urgent call from the Amazon’s heart, blending personal journey and environmental activism. It’s a manifesto for change, intertwining the Amazon’s fate with our own survival. Through lyrical prose, Brum urges a radical reimagining of our relationship with the planet. A transformative, compelling read.

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Number of pages: 420

Published: 09 March 2023

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Banzeiro Òkòtó: A Cry from the Heart of the Amazon

In the stirring and transformative work “Banzeiro Òkòtó,” Eliane Brum invites readers into the depths of the Amazon Rainforest, a realm where the pulse of life is intertwined with the whispers of the earth. Moving beyond mere observation, Brum embarks on a personal and profound journey, relocating from the urban sprawl of São Paulo to the embattled city of Altamira, perched along the Xingu River’s banks. Here, in a place marked by the scars of one of the world’s largest dams, she seeks not only to witness but to become part of the Amazon’s complex narrative.

Through her lyrical and impassioned prose, Brum endeavors to “reforest” her spirit, immersing herself in the lifeblood of the Amazon and forging deep connections with its people. These individuals, bearers of both the forest’s ancient wisdom and the raw wounds of ongoing devastation, become guides in her quest for transformation. “Banzeiro Òkòtó” unfolds as a tapestry of personal experiences and historical truths, exposing the relentless corruption and environmental destruction that have plagued the region.

Yet, this book is far more than a chronicle of loss and despair. It stands as a clarion call for radical, systemic change and the birth of a new human ethos—one capable of confronting the existential threats of climate change and societal inequities head-on. Brum deftly illustrates the intrinsic links between the exploitation of nature and the deep-seated inequalities based on gender, race, class, and species, urging a collective awakening to the plight of those least responsible for the planet’s dire state.

The title itself, “Banzeiro Òkòtó,” symbolizes the book’s core message, merging concepts from the Amazonian and Yoruba cultures to evoke images of life’s perpetual motion and the infinite possibilities for renewal. Like the mighty Xingu River, which bends and twists in its relentless flow, Brum’s narrative is a potent force for change, highlighting the Amazon’s critical importance to our shared future.

“Banzeiro Òkòtó” is not just a book; it is an experience, a journey, and a manifesto for all who dream of a world where humanity lives in harmony with the natural world. Eliane Brum’s voice, both fierce and tender, compels us to see the Amazon not as a distant ‘other,’ but as a vital part of our own lives, holding the keys to our collective salvation.

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