A Bear Called Paddington

Special Edition

Michael Bond (author)



Celebrate Paddington Bear’s 65th Anniversary with this vibrant gift edition of “A Bear Called Paddington.” Enjoy the original, unabridged story with stunning full-color illustrations. Join the Browns as they meet Paddington at the station, embarking on extraordinary adventures with this charming, marmalade-loving bear from Darkest Peru.

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Number of pages: 144

Published: 12 October 2023

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Dive into the delightful world of Paddington Bear with the 65th Anniversary Gift Edition of the book. This classic children’s novel, now a major movie star, comes to life with vivid, full-color illustrations that captivate readers of all ages. The story unfolds as the Brown family encounters an unusual sight – a bear at Paddington Station. This bear, hailing from Darkest Peru, is no ordinary creature. With his arrival, the Brown family’s life transforms into a series of extraordinary adventures.

This special edition retains the original, unabridged tale, allowing readers to experience the humor and charm of Paddington Bear as first imagined. From his love of marmalade to his knack for getting into mischief, Paddington’s escapades are beautifully brought to life through the enchanting illustrations that fill every page.

Whether you’re rediscovering the magic of Paddington Bear or introducing him to a new generation, this 65th Anniversary Gift Edition is a treasure. It’s not just a book; it’s a gateway to a world where the ordinary becomes extraordinary, all thanks to a bear named Paddington. Ideal for gift-giving or adding to your own collection, this edition celebrates the enduring legacy of one of literature’s most beloved characters.

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