The Beholders

Hester Musson (author)



Dive into “The Beholders,” a gothic thriller set in 1878 London. Harriet, a maid at Finton Hall, uncovers dark secrets threatening her freedom. Lauded as a historical fiction gem, it’s a tale of power, corruption, and a perilous truth quest. A gripping page-turner until the very last line.

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Number of pages: 336

Published: 18 January 2024

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Immerse yourself in the shadowy corridors of “The Beholders,” a gripping gothic thriller that entwines the elegance of historical fiction with the suspenseful threads of a debut thriller. Lauded by Susan Stokes-Chapman as a narrative that commands attention “until the very last line,” this novel is a masterful exploration of power, corruption, and the indomitable spirit of a woman caught in a web of societal expectations and dark secrets.

Set against the evocative backdrop of June 1878, the story unfolds with the mysterious discovery of a young boy’s body in the River Thames, igniting fears that he might be the missing son of Ralph Gethin, a revered Liberal MP. This event sets the stage for a tale that traverses back four months, introducing us to Harriet, a young maid whose life takes a dramatic turn upon her arrival at Finton Hall. Fleeing an unwanted future, she finds herself spellbound not only by the grandeur of her new surroundings but also by the enigmatic Clara Gethin, whose angelic voice haunts the hallways.

However, beneath the surface of this grand estate, lies a labyrinth of secrets. With her mistress’s behavior becoming increasingly erratic and the master’s conspicuous absence, Harriet is drawn into the heart of the Gethin family’s mysteries. Her pursuit of truth unveils a horrifying reality that could threaten everything she holds dear, challenging her very notion of freedom.

Laura Shepperson hails “The Beholders” as a “thoroughly convincing page-turner,” a testament to its meticulously woven plot and rich historical detail. Named a Sunday Times Historical Fiction Book of the Month, this novel is a compelling journey through a world where beauty and tragedy collide, and where the quest for truth comes at a perilous cost.

Prepare to be ensnared by “The Beholders,” where every page turn reveals deeper layers of intrigue, and the quest for truth could be the most dangerous pursuit of all.

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