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Discover the magic of reading with Thinking Gifts’ Bookworm Magnetic Bookmarks. Cleverly designed to hold your last read line, these bookmarks are perfect for any book and leave no trace. Ideal for avid readers, they’re light, portable, and a delightful gift for anyone who loves to read.

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Introducing the Thinking Gifts Bookworm Magnetic Bookmarks: a clever and charming way to mark your page! This set of two bookmarks is no ordinary placeholder; each one features a strategically placed slit that perfectly captures the very line you left off on, ensuring you never lose your spot—whether it’s on the left or right side of the page.

Crafted with a magnetic design, these bookmarks provide a firm grip on your pages without slipping away like traditional bookmarks. Moreover, they are designed to be traceless and mark-free, preserving the integrity of your beloved books.

Here’s why book lovers will adore these bookmarks:

  • Precision Placement: Easily pick up exactly where you left off with these innovative page holders, thanks to their unique line-retaining slit.
  • Universal Fit: Whether it’s a hefty textbook, a delicate paperback, or the latest issue of your favorite magazine, these magnetic bookmarks adjust to all sizes and types of reading materials.
  • Hassle-Free: At less than an ounce each and with dimensions of 5.8 x 0.2 x 7.5, they are effortlessly portable, accompanying you and your books wherever you go.

These Bookworm Magnetic Bookmarks by Thinking Gifts are the perfect companion for every reading enthusiast, making them an ideal gift to delight the bookworm in your life. Keep your stories close, and your bookmarks even closer!

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