The Burial of the Rats

And Other Tales of the Macabre by Bram Stoker

Bram Stoker (author)



The Burial of the Rats: And Other Tales of the Macabre by Bram Stoker: This collection showcases Stoker’s range in horror, featuring classics and lesser-known stories. From the dark humor of ‘Old Hoggen’ to the eerie ‘Castle of the King’, it’s a must-read for Gothic literature enthusiasts.

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Number of pages: 256

Published: 23 November 2023

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Discover the lesser-known yet equally mesmerizing side of Bram Stoker, the legendary author of Dracula, in this enthralling collection of horror and macabre tales. “The Burial of the Rats: And Other Tales of the Macabre” is a new volume that brings together Stoker’s multifaceted genius in the short story genre.

Key Features:

  • Expansive Collection: This anthology extends beyond the famous narrative of Dracula to showcase Stoker’s breadth in creating chilling atmospheres and unforgettable horror.
  • Diverse Range of Stories: The collection includes the hallucinatory ‘The Shadow Builder’ and the unsettling ‘In the Valley of the Shadow’, alongside the more direct terrors of ‘The Judge’s House’ and the titular ‘The Burial of the Rats’.
  • Rare Gems: The volume also shines a light on Stoker’s lesser-known works like the darkly humorous ‘Old Hoggen: A Mystery’ and the eerie fairy tale ‘The Castle of the King’, offering a full spectrum of his writing prowess.

Editorial Review:

Venture beyond the known horrors of Dracula into the myriad shadows of Stoker’s imagination. The stories in this collection traverse a range of emotions and settings, from the grotesque to the bizarre, each woven with Stoker’s characteristic mastery of suspense and the supernatural. Whether it’s the phosphorescent eyes of rats in a flickering glow or the unsettling depths of human psyche, Stoker’s storytelling will leave you enthralled and unnerved.

Ideal For:

  • Fans of Gothic and horror literature.
  • Readers looking to explore Bram Stoker’s range beyond Dracula.
  • Enthusiasts of classic short stories with a macabre twist.

Embrace the chilling brilliance of Bram Stoker in “The Burial of the Rats: And Other Tales of the Macabre”, where each tale invites you into a world where the eerie and the extraordinary reign supreme.

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