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“Burke and Hare” unveils the chilling true story of Edinburgh’s infamous murderers. Delving into their dark motivations, this narrative explores greed, desperation, and betrayal in 19th century Scotland. A gripping read for fans of true crime and historical tales, it’s a haunting journey into a macabre chapter of history.

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Published: 09 October 2014

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“Burke and Hare” plunges readers into the shadowy depths of 19th century Edinburgh, revealing the chilling, true narrative behind the city’s most infamous serial killers. This meticulously researched book unearths the human story underlying the Burke and Hare murders, offering an unprecedented look into the lives of William Burke and William Hare, two men driven to the darkest corners of morality.

Set against the backdrop of a murky West Port boarding house, the saga begins with a seemingly innocuous event: an old army pensioner’s natural death. However, what unfolds is anything but ordinary. Seizing an opportunity, the landlord, William Hare, and his associate, William Burke, concoct a sinister plan. Eschewing burial, they instead fill the coffin with bark and sell the corpse to Dr. Robert Knox, an ambitious anatomist in Edinburgh, for GBP3 and 10 shillings.

This gruesome transaction marks the start of Burke and Hare’s descent into infamy, propelling them to commit further heinous acts for profit. The narrative delves deeply into their backgrounds, exploring the circumstances that led these men to choose murder as a means of income. This account paints a vivid picture of desperation and greed, of individuals grappling with ambition, corruption, and betrayal.

“Burke and Hare” is more than just a recounting of historical events; it’s a story that resonates with contemporary themes of societal margins, ethical decay, and the human capacity for darkness. It is a tale as horrifying as it is true, immersing readers in an era where life was cheap, and death could be profitable. A must-read for true crime aficionados and history buffs alike, this book promises to be a haunting journey through one of history’s most shocking and macabre chapters.

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