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Chester Midshipmouse



Dive into the hidden world aboard the HMS Sovereign, where young Chester, a daring mouse, dreams of ocean adventures. Weisberg’s tale beautifully intertwines bravery and belonging, captivating readers of all ages. Illustrated pages enchant, making this a whimsical must-read. Adventure awaits with every turn!

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Venture into the mysterious world beneath the decks, where courage has whiskers and adventure is just a scuttle away!

In “Chester Midshipmouse”, Susan Weisberg introduces readers to the hidden society of mice living aboard the grand naval vessel, the HMS Sovereign. Among these furry denizens is Chester, a young and spirited mouse with dreams bigger than his tiny paws can hold.

Chester isn’t like the other mice. Instead of being content with gathering crumbs and staying out of sight, he dreams of the vast oceans, daring sea battles, and perhaps, finding his own place within the ship’s hierarchy. When the Sovereign sets sail on a perilous mission, Chester finds himself thrust into a world of intrigue, danger, and unexpected friendships.

As the narrative sails forward, Weisberg brilliantly interweaves themes of bravery, identity, and the timeless question of what it truly means to belong. Richly detailed illustrations peppered throughout the book bring the world of the HMS Sovereign and its furry inhabitants to vivid life.

“Chester Midshipmouse” is not just a tale for children; it’s a heartwarming story for anyone who has ever felt out of place, reminding us all of the immense adventures that await when we dare to follow our dreams.


  • Beautifully illustrated pages that capture the imagination.
  • A thrilling narrative that keeps readers of all ages engaged.
  • Perfect for bedtime stories, classroom reading, or a delightful escape into a whimsical world.

Discover the untold stories of the smallest heroes aboard the HMS Sovereign and set sail with Chester on a journey you’ll never forget!

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