Pamela Butchart

The Classroom Cat


Book 5 from Wigglesbottom Primary series


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Wigglesbottom Primary is a hub of hilarious antics! With mysteries like the Classroom Cat and PUDDLE-POX, Class 2R constantly finds amusement. Pamela Butchart’s three engaging tales, enhanced by Becka Moor’s vibrant illustrations, bridge picture books and chapter books, making reading an absolute delight.

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Number of pages: 112

Published: 04 July 2019

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Dive into another delightful adventure at Wigglesbottom Primary!

When a mysterious and mischievous cat finds its way into Class 2R, the students of Wigglesbottom Primary are in for a surprise. As the whiskered intruder takes up residence in their classroom, it quickly becomes the center of attention, leading to a series of comical escapades and heartwarming lessons.

From the acclaimed author Pamela Butchart, “Wigglesbottom Primary: The Classroom Cat” is a charming tale filled with laughter, friendship, and the unpredictability of school life. Butchart’s signature wit and humor shine throughout, ensuring that readers of all ages will be entertained from the first page to the last.


  • Heartfelt Lessons: Discover the importance of kindness, responsibility, and adaptability as the students navigate the unexpected challenges and joys that come with their new furry classmate.
  • Illustrations Galore: Engaging illustrations sprinkled throughout the book bring the antics of the classroom cat and the reactions of the Wigglesbottom students to life.
  • Relatable School Adventures: With themes of friendship, teamwork, and the excitement of school, this book is a perfect read for children preparing for or currently attending primary school.

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