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The Complete Borrowers



“The Complete Borrowers” by Mary Norton compiles five enchanting tales of the tiny, ingenious Borrowers. This anthology is a classic fantasy adventure, perfect for young readers and the young at heart, spanning over 700 pages of the Clock family’s miniature world and their heartwarming escapades​.

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Published: 07 June 2018

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“The Complete Borrowers” by Mary Norton is a delightful anthology that brings together the cherished tales of the Clock family—a minuscule group of beings known as the Borrowers. These tiny individuals, with a resourceful knack for reappropriating items from human beings—or “beans” as they refer to them—dwell clandestinely within the cozy confines of old houses. Their world is one of adventure and survival, ingeniously using what they can find to sustain their hidden way of life.

First introduced in 1952, this book is a classic of children’s fantasy that has captured the imaginations of readers for generations. Norton’s work is a composite of five main stories: “The Borrowers,” “The Borrowers Afield,” “The Borrowers Afloat,” “The Borrowers Aloft,” and “The Borrowers Avenged,” along with the short story “Poor Stainless.” Together, these narratives spin a yarn of adventure, ingenuity, and the indomitable spirit of the tiny Borrowers as they navigate a world that is both wondrous and perilous, all from their unique pint-sized perspective.

This collection is not only a journey through the thrilling escapades of the Clock family but also a tribute to the enduring power of Norton’s storytelling. With over 700 pages of fantasy, adventure, and the timeless charm of the Borrowers’ miniature escapades, this compilation is a treasure trove for young readers and those young at heart who relish classic adventure​.

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