Heather S. Pierczynski

A Creature Was Stirring



Dive into the holiday cheer with “A Creature Was Stirring,” where Heather S. Pierczynski’s witty text and Skylar Hogan’s lively illustrations flip a classic Christmas tale. Follow a stirring mouse who squeaks and eeks in this humorous, heart-filled story, perfect for a festive family storytime.

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Number of pages: 40

Published: 09 November 2023

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Bring the spirit of the holidays to your little ones with “A Creature Was Stirring,” the delightful children’s picture book by Heather S. Pierczynski, with charming illustrations by Skylar Hogan. This book takes the famous first lines of “The Night Before Christmas” and turns them on their head with a humorous and heartwarming twist.

When the world quiets down for the magical night before Christmas, there’s one tiny creature who simply cannot contain his excitement—the mouse! Contrary to the famous poem, this little mouse stirs up fun and adventure, squeaking and eeking, determined to celebrate the festive cheer.

Pierczynski’s playful prose coupled with Hogan’s vibrant and lively illustrations create a refreshingly fun spin on a timeless holiday tale. This story invites children to giggle and marvel as they follow the mouse’s nocturnal escapades. Perfect for a cozy storytime, “A Creature Was Stirring” promises to add an extra sprinkle of joy to your family’s Christmas traditions.

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