Gothic Ornament Crow Standing on Skull & Books


Dive into mystery with Puckator’s detailed resin ornament: a crow atop ancient books, gripping a haunting skull. Perfect for fantasy enthusiasts and lovers of the arcane, this piece adds dark elegance to any setting. Ideal for desks or shelves. Packaged securely for safe arrival.

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Step into the mystical realm with Puckator’s masterfully crafted ornament: a crow standing atop a stack of ancient books, its talons firmly grasping an eerie, ivory skull. Every inch of this piece speaks of mystery, magic, and the timeless dance between knowledge and the unknown.


  1. Artistry at its Finest: Painstakingly designed by Puckator’s expert artisans, this ornament captures the finest details, from the individual feathers of the crow to the worn bindings of the books.
  2. High-Quality Materials: Constructed from durable, high-quality resin, this piece promises longevity and resilience against wear and tear. Its weighted base ensures stability on any shelf or table.
  3. Symbolism: The crow, often seen as a harbinger of magic and mystery, paired with the skull – a symbol of life’s fleeting nature – and books of ancient lore, makes this a perfect centrepiece for lovers of fantasy, the macabre, or those seeking a touch of the esoteric in their décor.
  4. Versatile Decor: Whether it’s for Halloween, a dedicated fantasy-themed room, or a bibliophile’s reading nook, this ornament adds a touch of dark elegance wherever it resides.
  5. Dimensions: The compact size of this ornament makes it an ideal fit for desks, bookshelves, or mantelpieces (Height 10cm Width 6cm Depth 4.5 cm)
  6. Safe Packaging: Shipped in protective packaging to ensure it reaches you in perfect condition, ready to captivate and enchant.

Dive deep into the tales of old, where shadows whisper secrets and wisdom comes at a price. The Crow Standing on Skull & Books Ornament by Puckator is not just a decorative piece; it’s a gateway to stories untold. Order yours today and let the magic begin.

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Weight 134 g
Dimensions 10 × 6 × 4.5 cm