Dark Carnival

Ray Bradbury (author)



Discover Ray Bradbury’s debut, “Dark Carnival,” a mesmerizing collection that established him as a master storyteller. With twenty-seven tales of horror and wonder, this anthology invites readers into a realm where the extraordinary intersects with the mundane. Essential for fans and newcomers alike, it’s a journey not to be missed.

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Number of pages: 480

Published: 14 March 2024

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Embark on a journey through the eerie and imaginative world of Ray Bradbury with his debut collection, “Dark Carnival.” Heralded as the genesis of a master storyteller, who would later enchant millions with the iconic “Fahrenheit 451,” this collection is an essential cornerstone for both aficionados and newcomers to Bradbury’s unique narrative universe.

Celebrated by The Times with the exhortation “Let us now praise Ray Bradbury,” “Dark Carnival” weaves a tapestry of tales that blend the mundane with the extraordinary, crafting a mosaic of human experience that resonates with a haunting familiarity yet whispers of otherworldly secrets. With twenty-seven stories that traverse the landscapes of horror, science fiction, and the uncanny, Bradbury’s first foray into the literary world marks the emergence of a voice that would define a genre.

“Dark Carnival” is not just a book; it’s an experience. Each story within its pages is a gateway to a realm where imagination knows no bounds, where the sparkle of stardust is as tangible as the threads of cobwebs in a forgotten attic. Bradbury invites readers to explore the depths of their fears, desires, and wonders, offering a ride through the fantastical and the macabre.

This collection is a must-read for anyone who dares to dream, to confront the shadows lurking at the edge of reality, and to revel in the mastery of storytelling that Bradbury uniquely offers. Prepare to be captivated by the allure of the carnival, where each turn of the page is a step deeper into the dark.

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