Screen Cleaner Dusty Pups™ Koala


Discover the Dusty Pups™ Koala Screen Cleaner by Warmies – a cute, practical solution for spotless devices. Part of the popular Dusty Pups™ range, this koala-themed cleaner efficiently removes dust and fingerprints, adding fun to your routine. Note: it’s not heatable, just a charming, travel-friendly tech companion.

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Introducing the adorable and practical Screen Cleaner Dusty Pups™ Koala by Warmies! Designed to keep your devices spotless, this charming cleaner is the newest member of the much-loved Dusty Pups™ family. It combines functionality with cuteness, offering an effective way to keep your screens free from fingerprints and dust. This koala-themed cleaner is not only a useful tool for maintaining the cleanliness of your devices but also serves as a delightful companion to accompany you on your travels. Its furry and friendly appearance adds a touch of joy to your cleaning routine. Please remember, while the Dusty Pups™ Koala is a wonderful accessory for your tech hygiene, it is not designed to be heated. Keep your devices squeaky clean and enjoy the charm of this fuzzy friend!

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