Anniken Allis

Easy Lace Knits

All You Need to Know to Start Knitting Lace & 20 Simply Beautiful Patterns


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Dive into effortless lace knitting with Anniken Allis. This guide demystifies intricate patterns, offering 20 simple yet stunning designs. Perfect for beginners and seasoned knitters alike, discover the beauty and accessibility of lace. Expand your knitting horizons and embrace the magic within these pages.

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Number of pages: 136

Published: 01 August 2021

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Dive into the intricate world of lace knitting, made effortless!

Anniken Allis, renowned for her knitting prowess, demystifies the art of lace knitting in this beautifully curated book. For many, the idea of lace knitting evokes thoughts of intricate, complex patterns that are out of reach for the everyday knitter. But with “Easy Lace Knits”, that notion is shattered.

Inside the pages of this guide, you’ll discover:

  • 20 exquisite lace patterns crafted with simplicity in mind.
  • Expert guidance on how to master lace knitting techniques without the overwhelm.
  • Designs that give the illusion of intricate complexity, yet are deceptively easy to recreate.

Whether you’re a novice just starting your knitting journey or a seasoned knitter looking to expand your repertoire, “Easy Lace Knits” is your gateway to the enchanting world of lace. Let Anniken Allis guide you step-by-step, and you’ll soon find that the seemingly intricate lace patterns are well within your grasp.

Pick up your needles, and let’s create some lace magic!

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