Jan Fearnley

Edgar and the Sausage Inspector



In Edgar’s cozy city eatery, sausages reign supreme. But when the stringent Sausage Inspector visits, chaos ensues. Dive into Fearnley’s whimsical world where everyday events turn extraordinary. A delightful tale of wit, courage, and unexpected culinary adventures.

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In the bustling heart of the big city, Edgar runs a cozy little eatery that’s known for its delicious sausages. But his peaceful world is turned upside down when the strict and ever-watchful Sausage Inspector comes to town.

Dive into the delightful world Jan Fearnley has created, where humor meets the absurd, and where the most ordinary of days can turn into the most unexpected adventures. Through vibrant illustrations and whimsical storytelling, Fearnley takes us on a culinary roller-coaster, testing Edgar’s wit, courage, and, of course, his cooking skills.

Perfect for young readers and those young at heart, “Edgar and the Sausage Inspector” not only offers a heartwarming story of determination and resilience but also subtly touches upon the essence of friendship, trust, and the surprising events that can unfold in life’s everyday moments.

A deliciously funny tale, this book promises to leave its readers hungry for more tales from Edgar’s unique eatery.

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