The Girl Who Lost a Leopard



Dive into ‘The Girl Who Lost a Leopard,’ a thrilling adventure in fictional Sri Lanka. Join Selvi, a wild child, as she battles poachers to save her leopard friend, Lokka. Illustrated by David Dean, it’s a heartwarming tale of courage, friendship, and the fight to protect the endangered.

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Number of pages: 160

Published: 07 April 2022

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Dive into the lush landscapes of a fictional Sri Lanka in “[Author’s Name]’s” latest masterpiece, “The Girl Who Lost a Leopard”. Following the success of “The Girl Who Stole an Elephant”, this third installment in the series promises an equally thrilling and heartwarming adventure.

Meet Selvi, a spirited young girl with a love for nature and a daring heart. Selvi’s playground is the stunning mountains behind her home, a place of beauty and mystery. It is here that she befriends Lokka, a majestic leopard with a striking coat and mesmerizing golden eyes. Their bond is deep, forged in the wilderness they both call home.

However, their peaceful existence is shattered when poachers, driven by greed, set their sights on Lokka. Faced with the daunting task of protecting her leopard friend, Selvi’s courage is put to the test. She knows she can’t face these powerful foes alone, and so she turns to her most trusted friends. Together, they must concoct a plan that is foolproof, daring, and just a little bit wild.

“The Girl Who Lost a Leopard” is not just a tale of adventure; it’s a story about the power of friendship, the courage to stand up for what’s right, and the unbreakable bond between humans and animals. It’s a journey filled with peril, poachers, and the quest to save an endangered creature.

With captivating cover and inside illustrations by the talented David Dean, this book is a visual and literary treat. It’s perfect for young readers aged 8-12 who love animals, adventure, and a story that keeps them on the edge of their seat. Join Selvi and her friends on this extraordinary adventure and discover if they have what it takes to outsmart the poachers and protect Lokka, the leopard they love.

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