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“Godkiller,” a No. 1 Sunday Times bestseller, is an epic fantasy debut. Follow Kissen, a god-slayer, and allies through a world of wild gods, civil war, and dark secrets. Samantha Shannon praises this gritty, violent, and beautifully realized adventure as captivating from the first page.

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Number of pages: 304

Published: 04 January 2023

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“Godkiller,” the thrilling debut that stormed the charts as an instant No. 1 Sunday Times Bestseller, is a tour-de-force in the epic fantasy genre. Described by the Daily Mail as a “wonderful, gritty, explosively violent, and beautifully realised debut,” this novel is a masterpiece that grips readers from its opening pages.

Plot Overview:

In a realm scarred by zealotry and divine conflicts, Kissen stands as a formidable figure. Her family fell victim to the merciless followers of a fire god, fueling her path as a relentless deity slayer. Kissen’s life takes an unexpected turn when she encounters Skedi, the god of white lies, inexplicably bound to a young noble. Both are fugitives, hunted by mysterious assassins.

Their journey intertwines with that of a world-weary knight, embarking on a clandestine mission. Together, they venture towards the desolate Blenraden, a city home to the last wild gods, in search of answers and favors.

Critical Acclaim:

Hailed by Samantha Shannon, bestselling author of “Priory of the Orange Tree,” “Godkiller” promises to ensnare readers with its compelling narrative and richly woven world.

Themes and Elements:

The story navigates through themes of vengeance, identity, and the fragility of truth. Set against the backdrop of an impending civil war and demonic threats, the protagonists confront the deep corruption eroding their world. Their journey is as much about battling external foes as it is about internal struggles and revelations.

Why Read ‘Godkiller’?

“Godkiller” is more than a fantasy adventure; it’s an exploration of resilience and the quest for justice in a world where gods and humans clash. With its intricate plot, dynamic characters, and a setting that breathes with life and lore, this book is a must-read for fans of epic fantasy.

Join Kissen and her allies on this enthralling journey to unravel the truths hidden in the heart of their world. 

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