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Book 4 from Emma Dodd Animal Series series


“Happy” by Emma Dodd is a heartwarming children’s board book that celebrates the joy of cuddles and love. Little Owl loves playing, but what makes him happiest is whispering, “I love you,” to his mummy. With silver foil accents and tender rhymes, this book is a perfect bedtime favorite.

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Published: 05 August 2021

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Introducing “Happy” by Emma Dodd – A Heartwarming Children’s Board Book

Join Little Owl on an enchanting journey of love and joy in “Happy” by Emma Dodd, a beautifully crafted board book that’s sure to warm the hearts of both children and parents alike. With its heart-melting animal story and whimsical splashes of silver foil, “Happy” is a delightful tale that celebrates the magic of love, play, and togetherness.

Little Owl is a curious and spirited character who loves nothing more than playing games, trying new things, and singing sweet songs. But what truly fills Little Owl’s heart with boundless happiness? It’s the simple and tender moments when he snuggles up close to his beloved mummy and whispers those three precious words, “I love you.” In these moments, the world feels perfect, and all worries melt away.

Emma Dodd’s lyrical rhyming text and heartwarming illustrations beautifully capture the warmth and affection between Little Owl and his caring mother. As you flip through the pages, you’ll be enchanted by the flurries of sparkly foil that add a touch of magic to this already charming tale.

“Happy” isn’t just a story; it’s an exploration of the loving bond between animal parents and their little ones. It’s a reminder of the simple joys of cuddles and love, making it the perfect bedtime read that will leave your child with sweet dreams and a heart full of warmth.

With its padded cover and thoughtful design, this book is not only a delightful addition to your child’s library but also a perfect gift for special occasions. “Happy” by Emma Dodd is destined to become a cherished favourite that you and your child will want to read again and again.

Discover the joy of cuddles, love, and togetherness in “Happy” by Emma Dodd – a book that will leave you and your child feeling truly happy, from cover to cover.

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