Harry Potter Knitting Magic

The Official Harry Potter Knitting Pattern Book

Tanis Gray (author)


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“Harry Potter Knitting Magic” is the first official knitting guide for the Wizarding World, featuring over 25 film-inspired projects. From Hogwarts scarves to Mrs. Weasley’s jumpers, it includes original costume sketches, film stills, and yarn suggestions. Perfect for fans to knit their own magical creations.

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Number of pages: 208

Published: 28 January 2020

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Experience the enchantment of the Wizarding World like never before with “Harry Potter Knitting Magic,” the first official Harry Potter knitting guide. This deluxe book invites knitters of all skill levels to immerse themselves in over 25 authentic Harry Potter knitting projects, each meticulously designed to reflect the iconic styles and vibrant hues of the beloved films.

Dive into a magical journey from the screen to your knitting needles. The book boasts an array of enchanting patterns, including clothing, home decor, and keepsakes, all meticulously pulled from the movies. Fans can recreate iconic costume pieces as seen on-screen, and with detailed yarn suggestions matching the films’ true colors, the authenticity of your creations will be spellbinding.

Projects Include:

  • Crafty Creatures: Bring to life magical creatures with patterns for Hedwig, a Cornish Pixie, and even Fluffy, the Three-Headed Dog.
  • Wizarding Wardrobe: Knit your own piece of the movies with patterns for Mrs. Weasley’s Home-Knit Christmas jumpers and the classic Hogwarts house scarves.
  • Inspired Apparel: Create unique clothes and accessories influenced by characters, artifacts, and themes from the films, including Expecto Patronum! mittens and Quidditch-inspired socks.
  • Delightful Decor: Add a touch of magic to your home with Harry Potter themed accessories like Hogwarts House mug cosies and Seven Horcruxes tea towels.

Alongside these captivating projects, the book is enriched with fun facts, original costume sketches, film stills, and rare behind-the-scenes content. “Harry Potter Knitting Magic” is more than just a knitting book; it’s a treasure trove for fans, offering a unique glimpse into the magical world of Harry Potter film production.

Whether a knitting novice or a seasoned spell-caster with needles, “Harry Potter Knitting Magic” is an essential addition to any fan’s collection. Get ready to summon your knitting needles, conjure up some yarn, and embark on a magical knitting adventure that celebrates one of the most beloved film series of all time.

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