The Hedgehog Diaries

The most poignant and heartwarming memoir of the year

Sarah Sands (author)


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“The Hedgehog Diaries” by Sarah Sands is a touching narrative intertwining hedgehogs with themes of loss and hope. Set during a father’s final days, it explores human connection to nature through the metaphor of hibernating hedgehogs, offering profound reflections on life, love, and the resilience of these enchanting creatures.

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Number of pages: 160

Published: 14 September 2023

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In “The Hedgehog Diaries,” Sarah Sands, a renowned journalist and author, presents a heartfelt and enchanting narrative that intertwines the lives of hedgehogs with human experiences of loss, love, and hope. This book delves into the symbolic significance of hedgehogs, offering a unique perspective on life’s final chapter.

Set against the backdrop of the Winter Solstice, the story unfolds as Sarah sits by her ailing father’s bedside, confronting the inevitability of loss. Drawing a parallel between her father’s situation and the natural instinct of hedgehogs to hibernate, she reflects on the profound lessons these creatures offer about conserving energy and embracing life’s pauses.

The narrative takes an intriguing turn with the discovery of a sick hedgehog in the garden, named Peggy, and its subsequent care at a local sanctuary. Peggy’s plight becomes a focal point for Sarah and her grandson, offering a gentle distraction from the looming presence of death.

Sarah Sands masterfully uses hedgehogs as a metaphor, capturing their essence as creatures that are at once familiar yet enigmatic, prickly yet vulnerable. She explores their enduring appeal, as noted by poets and philosophers throughout history, and the alarming reality of their endangered status in the modern world.

Through “The Hedgehog Diaries,” Sands not only celebrates these captivating creatures but also addresses the broader theme of humanity’s disconnection from nature. Her reflections on the resilience and survival of hedgehogs against modern threats are interwoven with a message of hope and the possibility of reconnecting with the natural world.

As a seasoned journalist and author, Sands brings her expertise and eloquent writing style to this work, creating a narrative that is both thought-provoking and deeply moving. Following the success of her previous book “The Interior Silence,” “The Hedgehog Diaries” stands out as a testament to her ability to craft stories that resonate with readers on multiple levels.

This book is a must-read for anyone who cherishes the natural world, seeks comfort in times of loss, or simply enjoys a beautifully written story that celebrates the extraordinary in the ordinary. “The Hedgehog Diaries” is more than a book about hedgehogs; it’s a journey into the heart of what it means to be alive, to love, and to find hope in the most unexpected places.

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