Large Nutbrown Hare Soft Toy


Embrace the magic of “Guess How Much I Love You” with the Large Nutbrown Hare Soft Toy. This adorable plush features soft, velvety ears, a fluffy tail, and a sweet “I Love You” motif. Perfect for cuddles and nursery decor, it’s a heartwarming gift for all ages. Suitable from birth.

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Embark on a journey of love and gentle adventures with the Large Nutbrown Hare Soft Toy, a cherished character from the timeless children’s classic, “Guess How Much I Love You”. This enchanting plush toy stands as a symbol of affection and warmth, perfect for children and adults who cherish the heartwarming tales of Nutbrown Hare.

Crafted with exceptional attention to detail, the Large Nutbrown Hare boasts exquisitely embroidered features, bringing to life its endearing expression. The plush is made from supremely soft materials, inviting cuddles and providing a comforting presence. Delight in the velvety texture of its patterned ears and the whimsical touch of its fluffy tail. Adding to its charm is an adorable “I Love You” embroidered motif on its tummy, making it a constant reminder of your affection.

With its thoughtful inclusion of beans, this soft toy can sit gracefully on any surface, turning it into an attractive decorative piece for nurseries or any room wishing for a touch of tenderness. Its size, measuring approximately 20 cm deep, 13 cm wide, and 30 cm high, makes it an ideal companion for story time, bedtime, or simply as a heartwarming gift to express your love.

Suitable from birth, the Large Nutbrown Hare Soft Toy is not just a toy, but a keepsake, a companion, and a symbol of love. Whether it’s for a child, a loved one, or as a special treat for yourself, Nutbrown Hare is waiting to share in the joy and comfort of a loving embrace.

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