Learn French with Time Travel: French A1 Reader

Brian Smith (author)



Dive into “Learn French with Time Travel: French A1 Reader,” where language learning meets adventure. From ancient Alexandria to futuristic Paris, this book blends engaging stories with French vocabulary and grammar. It’s perfect for beginners, offering a unique, educational journey through time. Let your French learning adventure begin!

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Number of pages: 114

Published: 08 February 2024

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Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of languages with “Learn French with Time Travel: French A1 Reader,” a pioneering book designed to elevate your French from the foundational A1 level through an exhilarating journey across time. This isn’t just a language book; it’s a time machine that transports you to extraordinary moments in history, from the ancient sands of Alexandria to the avant-garde streets of Paris in 2125, the mystical realms of Atlantis, and beyond.

“Learn French with Time Travel” is crafted with language learners in mind, featuring a series of stories that ignite the imagination and stir a passion for both the French language and historical adventure. Here’s what awaits inside:

  • The Time Traveler of Alexandria: Be part of the creation of a time machine and its maiden voyage to witness the grand opening of the Eiffel Tower in 1889.
  • Voyages Through Time: Journey with the inventor to Paris in the year 2125, exploring a future filled with surprises and transformations.
  • The Temporal Chronicles of M. Dupont: Traverse through various epochs with M. Dupont, uncovering the enigmas of time and civilization.
  • The Witch’s Journey Through the Ages: Embark on an adventure with a medieval witch who travels through time, encountering new challenges and revelations.
  • Voyage to Atlantis: Discover the lost city of Atlantis with astronauts, learning timeless lessons of wisdom, balance, and harmony.

Designed specifically for beginners, this book ensures a smooth learning experience by integrating new vocabulary and grammatical structures within each captivating story. To aid comprehension and enhance learning, each chapter is accompanied by a glossary that demystifies the French language in a context that’s both educational and immensely entertaining.

“Learn French with Time Travel” transcends the conventional bounds of language learning. It’s an invitation to an adventure that teaches, entertains, and inspires. Perfect for anyone with a love for languages and history, this book promises not just to teach you French, but to transform the way you learn it. Step into this remarkable journey through time and language, and let “Learn French with Time Travel” be your guide to a world where learning French becomes an adventure in itself.

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