Lightfall: Shadow of the Bird

Tim Probert (author)


Book 2 from Lightfall series


Dive into “Lightfall: Shadow of the Bird,” where Bea and Cad face the mythical Kest, who threatens eternal darkness. In this gripping sequel, they seek Lorgon’s ancient wisdom to save their world. Tim Probert’s masterful storytelling and illustrations make this a must-read for middle-grade fantasy enthusiasts.

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Number of pages: 256

Published: 26 April 2022

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Embark on an enchanting journey with the second installment of the award-winning Lightfall series, “Shadow of the Bird”. This graphic novel, crafted by the acclaimed Tim Probert, is a masterpiece that beckons middle-grade readers into the magical realm of Irpa, a world where epic battles and mythical creatures are the norm.

In this sequel to “The Girl and the Galdurian”, our brave protagonists, Bea and Cad, continue their perilous quest against formidable odds. Having narrowly escaped a dire situation, they find refuge with the enigmatic Arsai creatures. As they recuperate, a looming threat casts a shadow over their newfound safety – Kest Ke Belenus, a mythical bird of ominous power, intent on plunging the world into eternal darkness by extinguishing the Flames of the remaining Lights of Irpa.

The narrative intensifies as Kest’s Feather Knights wreak havoc on the city of Lealand, setting their sights next on the seaside city of Rinn. Bea and Cad, driven by desperation, embark on a quest to seek the aid of Lorgon, a legendary water spirit believed to be extinct. Lorgon’s ancient wisdom might hold the key to thwarting Kest’s dark plans and saving Rinn from impending doom.

However, their quest takes an unexpected turn, presenting Bea and Cad with a dilemma that challenges their very purpose. The revelations they encounter with Lorgon offer more questions than answers about the extinction of their sun. Faced with a critical decision, Bea and Cad must weigh the consequences of their actions – whether to focus solely on stopping Kest or to delve deeper into the mystery of their dying sun.

“Lightfall: Shadow of the Bird” is not just a tale of adventure and suspense; it is a vividly illustrated odyssey that immerses readers in a meticulously crafted world. With its blend of engaging storytelling, rich world-building, and inspirational characters, this graphic novel is a perfect choice for fans of “Amulet” and “Avatar”. Join Bea and Cad in their gripping journey that is bound to captivate, inspire, and leave readers yearning for more.

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