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Live. Fight. Survive

An ex-British soldier’s account of courage, resistance and defiance fighting for Ukraine against



Live. Fight. Survive by Shaun Pinner: A retired British soldier’s harrowing account of the Ukrainian war, his capture by Russian forces, and enduring torture in a hidden Black Site. Pinner’s tale is a gripping testament to the resilience of the human spirit amid unspeakable adversity. An unmissable wartime memoir.

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Number of pages: 336

Published: 28 September 2023

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Live. Fight. Survive by Shaun Pinner: In the heart of Ukraine’s war-stricken landscape, one man finds himself caught between love, honor, and survival. Shaun Pinner, once a decorated British soldier, traded the adrenaline of combat for the serenity of life in Mariupol with his beloved Ukrainian family. But the world had different plans for him.

“Live. Fight. Survive” isn’t just the recount of a war, it’s the gripping narrative of a soldier’s resilience in the face of indomitable odds. From the roaring gunfire on the Ukrainian frontlines to the chilling silence of a Russian Black Site, Pinner’s journey is a testament to the brutality of conflict and the will to endure.

Taken captive by Russian forces, Shaun is transported to a hidden prison—a Black Site—where the very essence of humanity is tested. Here, outside the purview of international conventions, he is subjected to heinous acts of torture orchestrated by Putin’s secret police. Every electric shock, stab, and blow pushes Shaun to his limits, yet in the face of despair, he finds strength in camaraderie and hope.

But this isn’t just a tale of survival—it’s a beacon of the human spirit’s tenacity. Pinner’s narration offers readers an intimate look into the psychological and physical toll of war, pulling them into a whirlwind of emotions, from the sheer terror of captivity to the elation of resistance.

Live. Fight. Survive” goes beyond a wartime memoir. It is a stark reminder of the sacrifices made for freedom and the extraordinary resilience of the human heart. Shaun Pinner, with raw honesty and poignant insight, delivers a story that will stay with readers long after the final page.

Prepare to be moved, enraged, inspired, and captivated. Dive into an epic saga of love, war, torture, and survival. This is Shaun Pinner’s unyielding journey from the tranquil streets of Mariupol to the darkest corners of human cruelty—and the undying spirit that shines through it all.

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