Master of Furies


Book 3 from The Firemane Saga series

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In “Master of Furies,” the final epic of The Firemane Saga, war ravages Marquensas. Declan seeks revenge for his wife’s death, while Hava hunts their enemies. Hatushaly, wielding ancient magic, faces the darkest threat through the Rift. Raymond E. Feist’s masterpiece concludes in a thrilling blend of vengeance, magic, and destiny.

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Number of pages: 528

Published: 11 May 2023

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Dive into the breathtaking finale of Raymond E. Feist’s monumental Firemane Saga, “Master of Furies,” hailed as the must-read fantasy epic of the year. This enthralling conclusion marks a pivotal moment in the genre, securing its place as a Sunday Times bestseller and showcasing Feist’s unparalleled mastery in weaving complex, captivating narratives.

As the ancient darkness stirs, the realm of Marquensas is engulfed in the flames of war. The story unfolds with the tragic fall of Gwen, the beloved wife of Declan Smith, at the brutal skirmish of Beran’s Hill. With a heart hollowed by loss, Declan vows relentless vengeance against the raiders responsible, a sentiment fiercely echoed by Baron Daylon Dunmarch, who mourns his own kin, slaughtered during their desperate escape from the capital.

Meanwhile, the formidable Hava, hailed as the ‘Sea Demon’ for her unparalleled piratical prowess, edges ever closer to unveiling the sinister forces behind the unleashed chaos. Her quest intertwines with that of her husband, Hatushaly, the last scion of the mythical Firemanes, who grapples with the daunting legacy of his bloodline. Endowed with the potential to harness the furies — the primal energies that bind the fabric of existence — Hatushaly’s struggle to control his burgeoning powers becomes a race against time to confront the gravest menace Garn has ever confronted.

Could this shadow that looms over their world have seeped through the Rift, threatening to unravel the very essence of their reality?

“Master of Furies” not only promises an exhilarating adventure through the vibrant world of Garn but also invites readers to ponder the depths of power, the price of vengeance, and the light of hope that can emerge from the darkest of despairs. Prepare to be enthralled by the final act of a legendary saga that cements Raymond E. Feist’s standing as a titan of fantasy literature.

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