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Dive into “Monster Island” by Freddie Alexander, creator of “Mr Spicebag”. Eleven-year-old Sam’s stay on Draymur Isle reveals a spooky truth: monsters under the bed are real! With humor and mystery, discover why Granddad advises jam on feet at bedtime. Intrigue meets laughter in this must-read tale.

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Unlock the Secrets of Draymur Isle: Where Mystery, Hilarity, and Monsters Collide!

From the brilliant mind behind “Mr Spicebag”, Freddie Alexander brings you his spine-tingling, laugh-out-loud second masterpiece, “Monster Island”.

Do you remember checking under your bed for monsters when you were a kid? What if we told you those monsters weren’t just figments of your imagination? Dive deep into a world where: MONSTERS UNDER THE BED ARE ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY REAL!

Plot Snapshot:
Meet Sam – an adventurous eleven-year-old girl, uprooted from her urban life and sent to the whimsically strange Draymur Isle. Nestled within an ancient lighthouse, her only companions are her enigmatic Granddad and the ever-naughty goat, Myrtle. As winds ruffle and waves crash, the island murmurs its secrets, and Granddad’s peculiar bedtime advice: “Always smear jam on your feet”.

Could Granddad’s old tales of monsters prowling Draymur be more than just stories? And what’s that odd, squishy noise from beneath the bed? Sam is about to discover a world where bedtime rituals take on a whole new meaning.

Key Features:
✓ A thrilling narrative that seamlessly blends spooky adventures with uproarious humor.
✓ A must-read for fans of delightful mysteries and intriguing monsters.
✓ Dive into the enigmatic world of Draymur Isle, where every corner hides a secret or a chuckle.

Search No More:
Ideal for young readers eager for a taste of the supernatural mixed with comedic genius. Freddie Alexander’s “Monster Island” promises a rollercoaster ride of emotions, mysteries, and monstrous fun!

Get your hands (and perhaps a jar of jam) ready and embark on an unforgettable journey with Sam on Draymur Isle.

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