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In “My Hero Academia, Vol. 36,” heroes clash with villains across Japan in high-stakes battles. Todoroki confronts Dabi, Endeavor and Hawks face All For One’s cunning, and Tomura’s enhanced form challenges U.A. students. This volume escalates the series’ thrilling blend of action, character growth, and heroism.

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Number of pages: 200

Published: 18 January 2024

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In this gripping 36th volume of “My Hero Academia,” the stakes soar to new heights as heroes and villains engage in an epic confrontation that will shape the future of a world teeming with superpowers. With 80 percent of the population possessing unique abilities known as “Quirks,” the line between good and evil blurs in a constant battle for supremacy.

In a world where being a hero is as much a profession as it is a calling, we return to the journey of young Midoriya, who, born without a Quirk, inherits the power of the world’s greatest hero. This volume thrusts him and his peers from U.A. Academy into the heart of a strategic battle against formidable villains, testing their resolve and training.

Dive into a series of intense confrontations: witness Todoroki’s fiery battle against Dabi, filled with emotional and physical intensity that pushes the boundaries of their powers. Meanwhile, the veteran heroes Endeavor and Hawks face the cunning and ruthless All For One, who reveals a devastating trump card, threatening to overturn the heroes’ plans.

The climax intensifies as Tomura, now wielding a terrifyingly enhanced physique, confronts the U.A. students in an airborne battle. Here, the young heroes, including Midoriya, play pivotal roles, showcasing their growth and the burden of their responsibilities in a world where heroism is the thin line between order and chaos.

Volume 36 of “My Hero Academia” is not just a continuation but an escalation of the series’ hallmark blend of high-octane battles, intricate character development, and a multilayered narrative. It’s a testament to the enduring question: what does it truly take to be a hero in a world where superpowers are the norm? Prepare for a volume filled with heart-pounding action, moral dilemmas, and the unwavering spirit of heroism.

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