Native American Myths & Tales



“Native American Myths & Tales” by Flame Tree delves into the heart of indigenous tales from across North America. This curated anthology showcases the diversity, magic, and spirituality of age-old stories, complemented by captivating illustrations and insightful commentary. A timeless journey into America’s rich folklore legacy.

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Dive deep into the enchanting world of Native American folklore with “Native American Myths & Tales.” This meticulously curated collection, brought to you by Flame Tree Publishing, explores the rich tapestry of myths, legends, and stories passed down by generations of Native American tribes.


“Native American Myths & Tales” is more than just a book; it is a journey into the heart of the diverse and expansive cultures of North America’s indigenous peoples. Through its pages, readers will encounter the spiritual, the magical, and the timeless tales that have shaped the worldview of the continent’s first inhabitants.


  1. Extensive Collection: Spanning tales from tribes across North America, from the expansive Plains to the coastal Northwest, this collection represents the vast diversity and depth of Native American storytelling.
  2. Illuminating Commentary: Thoughtful introductions and annotations accompany each tale, providing cultural context, historical background, and insight into the unique belief systems of each tribe.
  3. Stunning Illustrations: Beautifully designed and interwoven with captivating illustrations inspired by traditional Native American art, this book is as much a visual treat as it is a literary one.
  4. Preservation of Tradition: In an era when many of these tales risk being forgotten, this book stands as a testament to the power and resilience of Native American voices, ensuring that their stories live on for new generations to cherish.
  5. A Perfect Gift: Whether you’re a student of folklore, an avid reader, or searching for a meaningful gift, this anthology is a timeless addition to any bookshelf.

About Flame Tree Publishing:

Renowned for their commitment to fine craftsmanship and artistry, Flame Tree Publishing presents another masterpiece in their line-up of beautifully designed and culturally significant anthologies. Every Flame Tree book promises not only a literary journey but also a feast for the eyes.

Embrace the magic, the mystery, and the wisdom of “Native American Myths & Tales.” Order your copy today and explore the spiritual landscapes of North America’s first storytellers.

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