Negotiating with the Devil

Inside the World of Armed Conflict Mediation

Pierre Hazan (author)



“Negotiating with the Devil” by Pierre Hazan is a profound insight into the ethical dilemmas of peace mediation, drawing from firsthand experiences in conflict zones worldwide. It explores the complexities of negotiating peace, offering both practical guidelines and a moral compass for mediators in an increasingly multipolar and confrontational world.

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Number of pages: 224

Published: 01 February 2024

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In the heart of conflict and the shadowy corridors of diplomacy, “Negotiating with the Devil” by Pierre Hazan emerges as a pivotal exploration of the intricate dance between ethics and politics in the realm of international mediation. Drawing from his extensive experience as a back-channel mediator in some of the world’s most volatile hotspots – including Bosnia, Ukraine, the Sahel, and the Central African Republic – Hazan offers a rare insider’s perspective on the daunting challenges of negotiating peace amidst intense conflict.

This compelling book navigates the murky waters of political and ethical ‘red lines’, providing a window into the seldom-seen world where mediators strive to forge agreements between adversaries, often at great personal and moral cost. Hazan confronts the agonizing decisions faced by mediators: the trade-offs between peace and justice, the dilemmas of intervening in ethnic conflicts, and the heavy burden of choosing between lesser evils in pursuit of a greater good.

“Negotiating with the Devil” is not just a memoir of Hazan’s professional journey; it is a critical examination of the shifting landscape of global power dynamics and the evolving role of mediators. With the world moving from a unipolar to a multipolar order, the challenges of mediation have grown more complex, necessitating a blend of hard and soft power, and demanding a nuanced understanding of the psychology of compromise.

Hazan’s account is both a practical guide for current and aspiring mediators and a philosophical treatise on the moral quandaries inherent in their work. Through vivid anecdotes and sharp analysis, the book illuminates the path forward in a world where negotiating with the devil is not just a metaphor but a stark reality faced by those on the front lines of peace efforts.

Perfect for students of international relations, professionals involved in conflict resolution, and readers interested in the ethical dimensions of diplomacy, “Negotiating with the Devil” offers a unique blend of practical insights and moral guidance in an era where peace negotiations are more crucial, and complex, than ever.

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