Night of the Furies

J. M. Taylor (author)



In “Night of the Furies” by J.M. Taylor, vengeance fuels Giorgio DiGiacomo’s odyssey through East Boston’s underworld, seeking justice for his father’s betrayal and murder. A dark, operatic pulp narrative unfolds, blending family legacies with relentless revenge. Taylor’s debut mesmerizes with its gritty, noir-infused tale of retribution.

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Published: 04 December 2023

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In the shadowy corners of East Boston’s history, a tale of vengeance and violence unfolds with J.M. Taylor’s gripping debut, “Night of the Furies.” This is not just a story; it’s an odyssey through the dark underbelly of a bygone era, where loyalty is paid for in blood and revenge is a legacy handed down through generations.

The saga begins in the late 1930s when Rico DiGiacomo, the undisputed ruler of East Boston, meets a violent end at the hands of his trusted lieutenant, Bricks Mancini. The betrayal ripples through the DiGiacomo family, leaving young Giorgio, who overhears his father’s murder being reported to his own wife, burning with a resolve for revenge that would shape his destiny.

Fast forward thirty years, and Giorgio DiGiacomo has not forgotten the vow he made over his father’s grave. His quest for vengeance pulls him into a relentless chase through the gritty backdrops of biker bars and rundown motels, a man haunted by the specter of his mother’s treachery and armed with the wisdom of his fallen father. But as Giorgio soon learns, the path of revenge is fraught with unexpected turns, and a single night can stretch into an eternity of confrontations.

Praised by Dave Zeltserman as showcasing “a talented new voice” that is both “dark and violent,” Taylor’s narrative weaves a complex tapestry of human emotions and unyielding resolve. “Night of the Furies” is likened to a “dime novel by Sophocles,” offering readers a visceral, operatic journey through the heart of revenge tragedy. Its narrative is compact yet epic, filled with moments that are as badass as they are bloody.

Jedidiah Ayres extolls the novel’s violent, operatic pulp, while Todd Robinson finds in Taylor’s work the echo of Jim Thompson’s raw depiction of Boston’s sinister past. Vincent Zandri goes further, suggesting that Taylor writes with the authenticity of personal experience, making “Night of the Furies” not just a noir novel but a sizzling epic that spans generations.

“Night of the Furies” is a must-read for fans of crime and noir fiction, offering an unforgettable journey into the depths of revenge, redemption, and the dark legacy of a family’s past. J.M. Taylor emerges as a master storyteller, whose debut promises to leave readers aching for more from this talented new voice in the genre.

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