Notecard Wallet – Kissing Hares


The Gifted Stationery Notecard Wallet features the enchanting Kissing Hares design, with 12 blank notecards in 4 designs and matching white envelopes. Card size: 126 x 176mm. Wallet dimensions: 187mm x 147mm x 16mm. Perfect for heartfelt notes, it’s an essential for personal, stylish correspondence.

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Introducing the Gifted Stationery Notecard Wallet, adorned with the charming Kissing Hares design, an elegant choice for those who appreciate the art of handwritten sentiments. This beautifully curated notecard set ensures that you always have a sophisticated greeting option for any occasion.

Contained within a sleek wallet, you will find an assortment of 12 notecards, thoughtfully split across 4 exquisite designs that capture the whimsical essence of nature with the delightful motif of hares in an affectionate embrace. Each card is a canvas for your personal messages, left blank inside for your customized notes, ensuring a touch of personal flair in every correspondence.

Measuring 126 x 176mm, these cards are the ideal size for heartfelt messages or brief notes of thanks, making them as versatile as they are striking. The set comes complete with crisp white envelopes, perfect for delivering your missives in style.

The notecard wallet itself is a statement of sophistication with dimensions of 187mm x 147mm x 16mm, making it compact enough to be stowed in a desk drawer or displayed proudly on a writing bureau. The Kissing Hares design is not just a pattern, but a testament to the beauty of wildlife and the importance of connection, mirrored in the way we connect through words.

Whether you’re penning a thank you, birthday wishes, or just a note to say ‘hello’, the Gifted Stationery Notecard Wallet with the Kissing Hares design is an essential for anyone who delights in the charm of snail mail and the joy of keeping in touch.

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