Dive into “Palazzo” by Danielle Steel, a riveting tale set in Italy’s fashion world. Following Cosima Saverio, who inherits her family’s couture business and ancient Venice palazzo after a tragedy, she navigates love, duty, and the perilous glamour of haute couture. With her brother’s recklessness threatening their legacy, Cosima must choose between family and her dreams. “Palazzo” is a gripping saga of sacrifice, legacy, and the relentless pursuit of happiness amidst life’s complexities.

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Published: 28 March 2024

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Immerse yourself in the enchanting landscapes of Italy with “Palazzo,” a captivating tale of love, family, and legacy by the billion-copy bestselling author, Danielle Steel. Set against the glamorous backdrop of Italian fashion, this novel invites readers into the luxurious world of haute couture and the historic charm of Venice.

“Palazzo” unfolds the poignant story of Cosima Saverio, a young woman thrust into a maelander of responsibility following the tragic death of her parents. At just twenty-three, she is burdened with the leadership of her family’s esteemed Italian leather brand, a legacy of exquisite craftsmanship and elegance. Beyond the boardrooms and fashion runways, Cosima is the caretaker of her family’s four-hundred-year-old palazzo—a treasure trove of history and beauty nestled in the heart of Venice. Her life is further complicated by the needs of her siblings: Allegra, who bears the scars of their parents’ loss, and Luca, whose indulgence in life’s temptations threatens to unravel the fabric of their lives.

In the midst of these challenges, Cosima’s wisdom and resilience shine through. She balances the demands of her company and the welfare of her family with grace, though her personal desires and dreams are often sacrificed for the greater good. Her world takes a turn when she crosses paths with Olivier Bayard, the charismatic founder of France’s premier handbag empire. As their worlds collide, Cosima finds herself contemplating a future that could hold more than just duty and obligation.

However, as Luca’s reckless behavior reaches a crescendo, Cosima faces an agonizing decision. The stakes are higher than ever: the survival of the palazzo, the integrity of their family business, and Luca’s own safety. Faced with impossible choices, Cosima must navigate a labyrinth of love, loyalty, and sacrifice. Will she find a way to save all she holds dear, or will the legacy of the Saverio family crumble to dust?

Danielle Steel masterfully weaves a narrative that is as breathtaking as the Italian scenery it evokes, filled with passion, intrigue, and the timeless struggle for happiness and fulfillment. “Palazzo” is not just a novel; it is an escape to a world where the bonds of family are tested by the fires of ambition, where love is a rare gem, and where legacy is the ultimate prize. Join Cosima Saverio on her unforgettable journey, and discover if the lights of the palazzo can illuminate the path to salvation and joy.

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