How Humans Create Animal Villains



“Pests” by Bethany Brookshire is a riveting exploration of why certain animals are labeled as nuisances. This insightful book intersects science, history, and journalism, revealing how our perceptions shape our interactions with nature. It challenges readers to rethink the line between pests and pets, reflecting deeply on human nature.

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Published: 05 December 2023

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“Pests” by Bethany Brookshire is a compelling and insightful exploration into the complex world of the animals we often label as nuisances. From the common squirrels in our gardens to the rats in our walls and pigeons on the streets, this book delves into the intriguing question of why certain animals are deemed “pests” while others are not. It is an engrossing study that reveals much about our perceptions, beliefs, and actions, offering a fresh perspective on our place in the natural world.

About the Book: Bethany Brookshire takes readers on a journey that intersects science, history, and narrative journalism. “Pests” is not merely an examination of our urban ecosystems or a natural history of disliked animals. Instead, it is a profound reflection on humanity itself. The book explores how the categorization of certain animals as pests speaks volumes about human nature, our lifestyles, and our desires. It challenges readers to reconsider their views on a range of animals, from bears and coyotes to sparrows and snakes, prompting the question: are these creatures pests, or is it simply a matter of perspective?

Key Highlights:

  • Deeply researched and engagingly written, “Pests” is a mix of science and storytelling that brings a unique lens to the subject.
  • The book illuminates the fine line between pets and pests, illustrating how this distinction is often rooted in human judgment rather than inherent animal characteristics.
  • Through a series of captivating examples and narratives, Brookshire shows how so-called pests have thrived despite human efforts to control them.
  • The book invites readers to appreciate the resilience and adaptability of these animals, revealing the surprising ways in which they mirror our own journey for survival and success.

Why Read “Pests”? “Pests” is more than just a book about animals; it’s a thought-provoking reflection on human attitudes and behaviors. Bethany Brookshire’s work is ideal for anyone interested in understanding the deeper implications of how we interact with the natural world. It challenges conventional wisdom and encourages a newfound respect for the creatures we often overlook or disdain. Engaging, informative, and sometimes surprising, “Pests” is a must-read for nature enthusiasts, city dwellers, and anyone curious about the complex relationship between humans and animals.

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