Photographer’s Guide to Cornwall

Ellen Bowness (author)



“Photographer’s Guide to Cornwall” by Ellen Bowness is an expertly crafted guidebook combining practical photography advice with a stunning visual journey through Cornwall’s breathtaking landscapes, making it an invaluable companion for anyone keen to capture the essence of this unique part of England.

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“Photographer’s Guide to Cornwall” by acclaimed landscape photographer Ellen Bowness is an immersive guidebook designed to reveal the idyllic, rustic charm of Cornwall’s diverse landscapes through the lens of a camera.

Venture off the beaten path with Ellen as she takes you on a picturesque journey through one of England’s most beloved regions. The stunning photography entices readers to explore the dramatic cliffs, windswept moors, quaint seaside villages, and vibrant gardens that make Cornwall a photographer’s paradise.

This book goes beyond a mere visual tour, becoming an essential companion for aspiring and seasoned photographers alike. Bowness shares her intimate knowledge of each location, providing details on the best times to shoot, the optimal lighting conditions, and the most advantageous viewpoints. Not only that, she generously imparts practical advice on photographic techniques, equipment recommendations, and compositional strategies.

With its precise directions and GPS coordinates to all featured locations, “Photographer’s Guide to Cornwall” ensures that you can effortlessly navigate through Cornwall’s hidden gems. Additionally, it includes essential local information such as the best times to visit, available accommodations, and helpful tips on respecting the environment.

Whether you’re a seasoned photographer in search of new inspiration, an amateur looking to refine your skills, or simply a lover of beautiful places, this book is an invitation to experience Cornwall’s beauty through a camera’s viewfinder. Enjoy your journey as authors’s photographic expertise illuminates Cornwall’s most stunning vistas and unearths its best-kept secrets. Let “Photographer’s Guide to Cornwall” be your trusted companion to capturing the essence of this extraordinary corner of the world.

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