Aiden Aslin, John Sweeney

Putin’s Prisoner

My Time as a Prisoner of War in Ukraine



“Putin’s Prisoner,” Aiden Aslin’s hardback memoir, unfolds his chilling six-month Russian captivity as a Ukrainian marine. It’s a stark, courageous narrative of survival and defiance against the backdrop of the Russia-Ukraine conflict, encapsulating his fight for Ukraine’s freedom and his own harrowing path to liberation.

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Number of pages: 288

Published: 20 July 2023

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“Putin’s Prisoner” by Aiden Aslin is a raw and powerful hardback memoir that provides an unprecedented look into the harrowing experiences of a prisoner of war during the ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict. Aslin, a British-born Ukrainian marine, gives a first-hand account of his daunting six months under Russian captivity, offering insights that are as enlightening as they are shocking.

After joining the Ukrainian marines in 2018, Aiden’s life takes a perilous turn when his unit is caught in the brutal siege of Mariupol amidst Russia’s full-scale offensive in February 2022. His capture and subsequent ordeal highlight the grim realities of war, marked by torture, interrogation, and a sham trial that leads to a death sentence.

Aiden’s story is not just one of suffering but also of immense courage and an unwavering determination to stand up for Ukraine’s sovereignty. Despite facing a dire situation, his spirit remains unbroken, a testament to his resolve to fight for freedom and justice. “Putin’s Prisoner” is more than a memoir; it’s a poignant tribute to the resilience of the human spirit and a call to acknowledge the ongoing struggle for liberty in the face of oppression.

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