Saving Chupie

Amparo Ortiz (author)



“Saving Chupie” is a thrilling middle-grade graphic novel set in Puerto Rico. Young Violeta Rubio joins friends to protect a misunderstood chupacabra, Chupie, from smugglers. This heartwarming tale of resilience, friendship, and Puerto Rican lore shows how love conquers all in the face of adversity.

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Number of pages: 224

Published: 01 August 2023

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Dive into the captivating world of “Saving Chupie,” a heartwarming middle-grade graphic novel that blends the charm of Nidhi Chanani’s “Pashmina” with the magical allure of “Encanto.” This enthralling tale, set against the backdrop of a recovering Puerto Rican town, follows the spirited Violeta Rubio on a mission filled with adventure, friendship, and a touch of the supernatural.

During her first trip to Puerto Rico, Violeta’s sole intention is to assist her grandmother in reviving La Casita, the family restaurant ravaged by Huracán Maria. Despite her enthusiasm, she finds herself sidelined by her family who believes they can manage without her involvement. Feeling isolated and without a purpose, Violeta’s life takes an unexpected turn when she joins forces with her friends, Diego and Lorena, in a daring quest to capture the elusive chupacabra, a creature steeped in local lore.

The adventure takes a surprising twist when Violeta encounters the mythical beast. Contrary to frightening tales, the chupacabra, whom she affectionately names Chupie, exhibits traits more akin to a lovable puppy than a fearsome monster. With scales, spikes, big red eyes, and sharp fangs, Chupie may look intimidating, but his loyalty and gentle nature quickly win Violeta over.

As Violeta endeavors to protect Chupie and convince her friends of his harmless nature, they find themselves up against a sinister new challenge. International smugglers are on the hunt for Chupie, threatening not just the chupacabra’s safety but everything Violeta holds dear. It’s a race against time for Violeta to shield her newfound friend from these dangerous foes.

“Saving Chupie” is more than a tale of adventure; it’s a story of resilience, the power of love, and the unbreakable bonds of friendship. It beautifully showcases the rich Puerto Rican culture and lore, illustrating how a young girl, her family, and an entire island can triumph against overwhelming odds. This graphic novel is a testament to the idea that in the face of adversity, love and friendship truly conquer all. A timely and inspiring read, “Saving Chupie” is a must-have for young readers who relish in tales of adventure, cultural richness, and mythical creatures.

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