Scotland: A History from Earliest Times



“Scotland: A History from Earliest Times” by Alistair Moffat offers a rich, detailed exploration of Scottish history, from the Ice Age to the Scottish Referendum. This engaging narrative weaves key events and lesser-known stories, highlighting the contributions of both famous figures and ordinary people in shaping Scotland’s past.

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Published: 21 September 2021

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Embark on a captivating journey through the annals of Scotland with Alistair Moffat’s “Scotland: A History from Earliest Times.” This masterful work transcends the boundaries of traditional history, tracing the Scottish saga from the mystique of the Ice Age all the way to the pivotal Scottish Referendum.

Moffat, an esteemed historian and author, delves deep into the heart of Scotland’s past, presenting a narrative that is as rich in detail as it is expansive in scope. He shines a light on iconic events like the Battle of Bannockburn and the Jacobite Risings, while also uncovering the lesser-known but equally significant chapters of Scottish history.

“Scotland: A History from Earliest Times” is more than a historical account; it is a vivid tapestry woven from a diverse collection of facts and anecdotes, sourced from an extensive range of historical materials. Moffat’s storytelling is ambitious yet highly readable, striking a perfect balance between scholarly research and engaging narrative.

This book offers a comprehensive and varied portrayal of Scotland, looking beyond the conventional focus on kings, saints, warriors, and politicians. It acknowledges the indelible contributions of ordinary people, who have not only witnessed but also actively shaped the course of Scottish history.

Ideal for history enthusiasts and casual readers alike, Moffat’s book promises an enlightening and enjoyable exploration of Scotland’s rich and complex past. It stands as a testament to the nation’s enduring spirit and the diverse individuals who have played a part in its enduring story.

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