Short Stories in French for Intermediate Learners

Olly Richards (author)



“Short Stories in French for Intermediate Learners” offers eight captivating tales across various genres, tailored for B1-B2 level learners. With controlled language, realistic dialogues, and accessible grammar, it enhances vocabulary and comprehension. Includes glossaries, summaries, and questions for each story, plus a free bonus story and discounted audiobook access.

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Number of pages: 224

Published: 28 September 2021

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Dive into the world of language learning with “Short Stories in French for Intermediate Learners”, a distinctive anthology that offers eight unconventional and gripping tales specifically curated for young adults and adult learners at an intermediate level. With endorsements from experts like Barbara Oakley, PhD, author of the New York Times bestseller A Mind for Numbers, this book stands at the intersection of cutting-edge language learning science and pure reading enjoyment.

Designed for learners progressing from a low-intermediate to an intermediate level, and aligned with B1-B2 of the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) for languages, this collection is more than just a book; it’s a bridge to enhancing your French proficiency through engaging narratives. Each story spans a variety of exciting genres, including science fiction, crime, history, and thriller, ensuring your learning experience is not just educational but immensely enjoyable.

Key Features of the Book:

  • Diverse Genres: Engage with a range of exciting storylines that make reading a pleasure and learning a wide array of vocabulary effortless.
  • Controlled Language Level: Tailored to help you confidently progress with language matched to your learning stage.
  • Conversational Dialogues: Realistic dialogues enhance your speaking abilities and help you grasp conversational expressions.
  • Accessible Grammar: Learn new grammatical structures naturally and stress-free.
  • Illustrative Support: Each story is accompanied by beautiful illustrations that aid comprehension and set the scene.
  • Pleasurable Learning Experience: Enjoy reading without the typical frustration, supported by research indicating enjoyment enhances learning.

To further your learning, the book includes:

  • Glossaries: For bold-faced words within the texts to support understanding without halting your reading flow.
  • Bilingual Word List: Enhances your vocabulary by clarifying new words.
  • Plot Summaries and Comprehension Questions: Aid in consolidating your understanding and measure your progress.

“Short Stories in French for Intermediate Learners” not only aims to elevate your language skills but also to transform reading in a foreign language into an exciting adventure that broadens your imagination and deepens your comprehension. With additional resources like a free bonus story and a discounted audiobook available through a unique code, this book is your gateway to fluency, promising a fulfilling and comprehensive learning experience. Begin your journey to mastering French while indulging in stories that captivate and educate, leading you toward a world of new possibilities.

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