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Snow Bunny’s Christmas Show



“Snow Bunny’s Christmas Show” is a glittering book about kindness, with silver foil on every page. It’s a tale of a generous bunny who becomes the star of the Christmas show by helping her friends. A perfect read for festive nights, and part of the beloved Snow Bunny series.

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Number of pages: 24

Published: 09 November 2023

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“Snow Bunny’s Christmas Show,” authored by the gifted Rebecca Harry, is a heartwarming book that celebrates the joy of giving during the festive season. This book is a shimmering spectacle, with each page adorned in sparkly silver foil, sure to capture the imagination of young readers. The story follows the adorable Snow Bunny, who, along with her animal friends, is organizing a Christmas show. While she selflessly assists Bear, Mouse, and Fox in perfecting their performances, Snow Bunny finds herself without an act as the curtain rises. However, as the show concludes, the spotlight turns to Snow Bunny, whose generosity and creativity are celebrated, making her the true star of the show. Ideal for cuddling up with on chilly winter evenings, this tale is not just a book but a holiday experience that teaches the importance of friendship and kindness. Collectors and new fans alike will be delighted to know that Snow Bunny’s adventures continue in other books within the series, including “Snow Bunny’s Christmas Wish” and “Snow Bunny’s Christmas Gift.” This charming book promises to be a treasured addition to any child’s Christmas collection

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