Pamela Butchart

The Sports Day Chicken


Book 9 from Wigglesbottom Primary series


Dive into Wigglesbottom Primary’s hilariously unpredictable sports day with Pamela Butchart’s “Wigglesbottom Primary: The Sports Day Chicken”. Published by Nosy Crow, this tale is filled with rogue chickens, missing shoes, and comedic escapades. A must-read for young readers seeking laughter and adventure in everyday school scenarios. Ages 6-9.


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Number of pages: 112

Published: 01 June 2023

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Dive into another whimsical adventure at Wigglesbottom Primary School where ordinary school days become extraordinarily funny tales! Authored by the acclaimed Pamela Butchart, “Wigglesbottom Primary: The Sports Day Chicken” is bound to have young readers giggling from start to finish.

At Wigglesbottom Primary, sports day is never just a race to the finish line. Rumors are swirling and tales are being spun. Is there really a rogue chicken set to sabotage the egg-and-spoon race? Can the school mascot mysteriously bring about both victory and defeat? And just why are so many shoes going missing?

Join the lovable cast of Wigglesbottom students as they navigate the ups and downs of one of the most unpredictable sports days ever. Through a series of hilarious short stories, readers will be whisked away into a world where school events turn into comedic escapades.


  • Delightful illustrations throughout that breathe life into the hilarious tales.
  • Engaging short stories perfect for young readers transitioning to chapter books.
  • Themes of friendship, teamwork, and the joy of school life.

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