The Stellar Debut of Galactica MacFee


44 Scotland Street series


Explore the amusing world of 44 Scotland Street in ‘The Stellar Debut of Galactica MacFee.’ Join Bertie in Glasgow, facing a city merger and a new classmate, Galactica. Amidst humor and warmth, a mysterious Pictish stone discovery adds intrigue. Alexander McCall Smith delivers another must-read in this beloved series.

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Published: 02 November 2023

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Dive back into the cherished world of 44 Scotland Street with Alexander McCall Smith’s latest masterpiece, “The Stellar Debut of Galactica MacFee.” This novel continues the beloved journey of characters Angus, Domenico, Bruce, Matthew, Elspeth, Bertie, and his comrade Ranald Braveheart Macpherson. Renowned for Smith’s signature style, the book is a kaleidoscope of wit, warmth, and humor, assuring an unforgettable read.

In this thrilling new installment, we follow young Bertie as he finds his sanctuary in Glasgow – a city synonymous with pies and the iconic Irn Bru. Far from the clutches of his domineering mother, Irene, Bertie sees Glasgow as his ultimate escape. However, the startling news of a proposed merger between Edinburgh and Glasgow stirs unexpected emotions in him.

Enter Galactica MacFee, the newest addition to Bertie’s school. She’s poised to shake up the social dynamics, challenging Olive and her sidekick, Pansy, and adding a fresh twist to the tale. Galactica’s presence promises to bring a new dimension to the series, marking her as a character to watch.

Amidst these personal upheavals, a remarkable archaeological discovery grips the city: a Pictish stone bearing what is believed to be the first-known written poem. The anticipation builds as the translation of this ancient text unfolds, leading to a decision that perhaps some histories are better left untold.

“The Stellar Debut of Galactica MacFee” is more than just a story; it’s a journey through the heart of Scotland, brimming with the cultural richness and endearing quirkiness that fans of the series have come to adore. Alexander McCall Smith once again proves his mastery in storytelling, making this novel an essential addition to the 44 Scotland Street series and a must-read for both long-standing fans and newcomers alike.

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