The Cool Code 2.0: The Switch Glitch



“The Cool Code 2.0: The Switch Glitch” is a graphic novel where Morgan, Zoey, and Daniel fix a glitch in their AI app, causing school chaos. It’s a tale of tech, friendship, and understanding, blending humor with heartfelt lessons for middle-grade readers fascinated by technology and growing up.

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Number of pages: 224

Published: 14 November 2023

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Dive into the digital world with “The Cool Code 2.0: The Switch Glitch,” the much-anticipated second installment in the Cool Code series, perfect for fans of Raina Telgemeier and Kayla Miller. This engaging graphic novel brings to life the adventures of Morgan, Zoey, and Daniel, three friends who find themselves in a tech-tangled mystery.

In this exciting sequel, the coding club’s latest creation, an innovative AI app, takes a turn for the worse. Unbeknownst to them, a sneaky user is exploiting their code to cause chaos and discord within their school. The trio is thrust into an unexpected challenge when they discover that their creation is behind the disruptions, threatening friendships and the harmony of their school life.

As they delve deeper, the protagonists encounter the core of the problem: a mischievous llama avatar controlled by Marcus, a less popular student who’s unwittingly wreaking havoc. The story unfolds with a blend of humor, tech-savvy sleuthing, and heartfelt moments. Morgan, Zoey, and Daniel must navigate annoying siblings, out-of-control pranks, and their personal dilemmas to fix the glitch that’s turning their school upside down.

“The Cool Code 2.0: The Switch Glitch” is more than a graphic novel; it’s a journey through friendship, problem-solving, and the consequences of technology misused. As our heroes race against time to patch the glitchy app, they also learn valuable lessons about understanding and empathy, making this a perfect read for young minds fascinated by technology and the complexities of growing up.

With its vibrant illustrations and a storyline that perfectly balances humor with heartfelt challenges, this book is an ideal pick for middle-grade readers who love technology, friendship tales, and a good mystery. Watch as Morgan, Zoey, and Daniel not only save their school from digital disaster but also learn about the power of teamwork and the importance of understanding those who seem different.

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