Pamela Butchart

The Talking Lamb


Book 8 from Wigglesbottom Primary series


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Dive into Wigglesbottom Primary’s latest whimsical adventure! When a rumored talking lamb visits, the school’s buzzing with hilarious theories and wild imaginations. A delightful mix of humor, mystery, and life lessons awaits readers. Perfect for ages 6-9. Published by Nosy Crow.

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Number of pages: 112

Published: 17 March 2022

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Step into the wild and whimsical world of Wigglesbottom Primary, where the unexpected becomes the new normal. In Pamela Butchart’s latest installment, the children are faced with a mystery that’s as hilarious as it is baffling: a talking lamb!

Description: Everyone knows that Wigglesbottom Primary isn’t your ordinary school. From the mysterious sounds in the toilets to the peculiar happenings during PE, there’s always an adventure around the corner. But even for Wigglesbottom standards, a talking lamb visiting the school is totally out of the ordinary!

When the students hear of a lamb that can speak, rumors and imaginations run wild. Is it a magical creature with special powers? A genius lamb with a vast vocabulary? Or just another one of those inexplicable Wigglesbottom wonders?

Join our favorite bunch of intrepid kids as they embark on another delightful mission to get to the bottom of this woolly wonder. Along the way, they’ll face challenges, embrace the magic of everyday life, and learn that sometimes, the most fantastic tales can emerge from the simplest of things.

Why Readers Will Love It:

  • Whimsical Tales: Butchart’s narrative is infused with her signature humor and uncanny ability to blend reality with the delightful absurdity, making it a treat for readers of all ages.
  • Engaging Illustrations: Dive into the world of Wigglesbottom with vivid, playful illustrations that bring the characters and the story to life.
  • Life Lessons: Beneath the fun and laughter, readers are introduced to important themes like friendship, problem-solving, and the magic of imagination.

Recommended for children ages 6-9, “Wigglesbottom Primary: The Talking Lamb” is the perfect addition to any young reader’s collection. Dive in and get ready for another exciting adventure with the students of Wigglesbottom Primary!

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