A Taste for Treason

The Letter That Smashed a Nazi Spy Ring



“A Taste for Treason” reveals the gripping true story of espionage in WWII. Through expert research, it unfolds how a housewife’s suspicion led to a transatlantic spy hunt, unveiling a decade of Nazi plots and the origins of a pivotal intelligence alliance. A thrilling blend of history and intrigue.

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Number of pages: 288

Published: 06 October 2023

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In the shadowed corners of pre-war Dundee, a seemingly ordinary act of curiosity by housewife Mary Curran unfolds into an extraordinary tale of espionage, courage, and international intrigue. “A Taste for Treason” delves deep into the true story of how a single suspicion ignited a colossal spy hunt that spanned continents, involving MI5, the FBI, and beyond.

Set against the turbulent backdrop of 1937, this gripping narrative captures the moment when Mary Curran’s doubts about Jessie Jordan—a hairdresser with a penchant for frequent visits to Nazi Germany—lead to a groundbreaking discovery. Jessie’s mysterious travels mask a deeper, darker truth, entangling them in a dangerous web of Nazi espionage plots that threaten not just Britain but the entire free world.

Expertly researched and compellingly written, this book reveals a decade-long saga of covert operations, secret communications, and the relentless pursuit of intelligence. From the interception of a crucial Nazi spy’s letter in New York, traced back to Scotland, to the consequent dismantling of spy rings across Europe and North America, “A Taste for Treason” uncovers the pivotal moments that would shape the future of international espionage.

Beyond the thrilling spy hunts and shadowy figures, this narrative highlights the birth of an unprecedented alliance among the United States, the UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. This coalition, forged in the secrecy and solidarity of wartime intelligence, remains a cornerstone of global security to this day.

Praised by Michael Smith, bestselling author of “The Secrets of Station X,” as “fascinating, gripping and expertly researched,” this book is not just a recounting of historical events. It is a testament to the power of vigilance, the importance of intelligence alliances, and the indomitable spirit of those who seek justice. “A Taste for Treason” is more than a history book; it is a thrilling spy narrative that captures the essence of human courage and the relentless pursuit of peace in the face of treachery.

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