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The Call of the Wild



The Call of the Wild by Jack London, published by Flame Tree: Dive into Buck’s transformative journey from domestication to wild freedom in the Yukon’s rugged wilderness. Experience London’s vivid portrayal of nature, survival, and primal instincts in this timeless classic. A compelling tale for all ages.

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Dive into the timeless world of Jack London’s beloved classic, “The Call of the Wild.” Presented by Flame Tree, this edition breathes fresh life into the captivating tale of courage, survival, and transformation.


“The Call of the Wild” charts the transformation of Buck, a domesticated dog torn from his California home, who is thrust into the raw, unforgiving Yukon wilderness during the Gold Rush of the 1890s. London’s eloquent prose paints a vivid landscape of a world where nature’s laws reign supreme, and where Buck must learn to listen to his primordial instincts to survive.

Amidst the vast icy landscapes, Buck encounters an array of characters, both human and canine. From these interactions, he learns love, cruelty, loyalty, and the value of resilience. As the layers of his old life peel away, Buck is reawakened to the ancestral calls embedded deep within him.


  • Iconic Storytelling: Experience Jack London’s masterpiece as it vividly delves into the intricate relationship between civilization and the wild.
  • Quality Publication: Flame Tree brings a premium feel with elegantly crafted pages, ensuring durability and a tactile reading experience.
  • Engaging for All Ages: Whether you’re encountering this tale for the first time or revisiting it, “The Call of the Wild” speaks to the primal heart within all of us.

Immerse yourself in the powerful narrative of “The Call of the Wild” and embark on a transformative journey alongside Buck, as he discovers the indomitable spirit within.

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